Practice Areas

Administrative and Public Law

  • Court proceedings
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Government and other inquiries
  • Judicial review
  • Licensing and approval
  • Statutory appeal work

Asset Management and Planning

  • Holding advisory and supervisory board seats in foundations
  • Implementation of foundations in succession and inheritance planning
  • Representation in proceedings regarding the recognition of foundations for tax and regulatory purposes
  • Tax optimization solution and incorporation

Corporate Finance

  • Agreements regarding shareholder loans and other forms of shareholder financing
  • Banking service guidance in various jurisdictions (Europe, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Dubai)
  • Creation and changes on real property (land changes and mortgages)
    • Assignment, assumption and transfer
    • Release and deletion
    • Change in priority/rank
    • Extension and reduction in scope of change
  • Financial restructuring
  • Project finance
  • Creation and release of securities
  • Restructuring and incorporation advice
  • Shareholders and management structure advice and appointment
  • Subordination of loans

Corporate Law

  • Accession and withdrawal of shareholders and partnership
  • Advising on Articles of Association, shareholders’ agreement, and general governance corporate document
  • Amendment to Articles of Association
  • Appointment and revocation of board members and managing director
  • Business enterprise agreements such as domination and profit & loss transfer agreements
  • Capital measures (capital increase or decrease)
  • Company formation
  • Corporate restructure
  • Cross-border merger
  • Franchising
  • Government contracts
  • Joint ventures
  • Management
  • Mergers & acquisitions agreements
    • Share and assets deals
    • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Participation agreements (e.g. venture capital)
  • Partnership
  • Preparation of reference deeds
  • Shareholders’ agreement
  • Spin-offs
  • Trust agreements
  • Venture capital
  • Winding-up, dissolution and liquidation of companies

Criminal Defense

  • Criminal litigation
  • Juvenile law
  • Speeding and traffic ticket
  • Domestic Violence

Employment and Immigration

  • General employment issues including termination, disciplinary action and employment contracts
  • Import labor application
  • Investor immigration program

EU Citizenship, Macau Residency and Visas

Family Law

  • Adoption
  • Alimony and spouse support
  • Contempt cases or cases to enforce prior court orders
  • Custody
  • Division of marital property
  • Divorce and separation
  • Immediate legal remedy and relief action
  • International disputes regarding children
  • Modification of prior court orders due to change of circumstances
  • Multi-state disputes regarding children
  • Name change
  • Parent relocation
  • Paternity and child-related disputes between unmarried persons
  • Pre and post-nuptial agreements
  • Reconciliation agreements
  • Restraining orders
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Visitation

We handle contested and uncontested cases.

Intellectual Property

  • Copyright application
  • Copyright infringement
  • Patent application
  • Patent infringement
  • Trademark application
  • Trademark infringement

International Estate Planning

Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

  • Business disputes
  • Commercial collections
  • Criminal
  • Insurance defense
  • Personal injury
  • Real estate litigation

Real Estate

  • Acquisition and disposal of real estate portfolios
  • Commercial real estate
  • Construction and development
  • Foreclosure
  • Land use & zoning
  • Real estate leases
  • Residential real estate
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Transfer of real property by way of gift

Succession Law

  • Agreement on the division of estates and fulfilment of legacies
  • Drafting of Wills and Contracts of Inheritance
  • Execution of Wills
  • Inter vivos gifts as elements of anticipated inheritance
  • Settlement of Estates
  • Tax-optimized Estate Planning